Would you like to increase your revenue? This approach will help you to exceed your financial targets, while making you and other staff more satisfied and effective. By answering our confidential interview questions, the route to success which can typically be blurred by everyday concerns will become clearer. Staff do not often feel able to be completely honest and they lose focus in the daily grind. The confidential interviews will allow the truth to be told, in an appropriate manner, and the proven business development model indicates what needs to be done.

Your Staff Know combines a highly experienced team of business consultants and executive coaches with a cutting-edge proprietary AI. Together they have an impressive track record of helping businesses attain higher performance and employee satisfaction.

The process begins by gathering the views of the CEO or a relevant director on the present condition and desired future of the company. The goals for the intervention typically include achieving or exceeding the primary business targets along with a higher quality of employee engagement across all levels.

Your Staff Know conduct a series of interviews with employees below the board. Many of these interviews are conducted through our automated system, but a representative sample are conducted face to face. These interviews are analysed by our proprietary AI and our trained associates. We then use these interviews to provide a penetrating analysis that enables key leaders to ‘see the whole business’ and gives actionable recommendations to further growth and employee satisfaction.

Our unique approach, mixing cutting edge technology with experienced associates, ensures that you receive the advantages in cost, time, and breadth of analysis that only automation can bring, with the confidence in quality control and depth of analysis that experienced professionals guarantee.

The process is a form of ‘truth telling’, allowing the system to speak of its latent potential and how it can leverage further growth. The questions and guaranteed confidentiality enable people to reveal more, half-formed thoughts, feelings and aspirations. The result is very honest feedback for the leaders about what is and is not working and a systemic view of the complexities and opportunities within the business from those most closely involved. A business development model, that has evolved out of a track record of success over thirty years, gives shape to straight forward actions that consistently lead to a growth in the business and morale.

Our proprietary AI is capable of analyzing thousands of interviews, quickly extracting the relevant information and discovering the key categories that require greater focus. The AI is a custom-built cluster of interacting neural networks – trained on the insights accumulated through our thirty years of experience in this field, and built around our proven model of business analysis: a model that has reliably led to significant growth in companies where our services have been employed.

Our AI allows us to analyze the confidential views of any number of staff – providing you with an overview of the whole company and ensuring staff feel listened to. It allows us to quickly convert this huge amount of qualitative data into easy to interpret quantitative data that gives you a clear measure of the health of your company. Finally, it allows us to provide you with concise, actionable advice, often in the words of your staff themselves. All this with the significant cost and time savings that automation can provide.

It works – see testimonials. It represents economy of effort. It can be a one off diagnosis though most use it as a regular intervention over a number of years that keeps them on track. The approach has been applied with success to a multi-billion global division of Danone and large regional businesses within Kraft and Danone as well as a German investment Bank and many more companies. It is now ready to be applied to many more businesses.

“The approach used by [YourStaffKnow] was a helpful catalyst in our turn around to double digit growth, which continues to this day.“

Thomas Kunz

Global Head of Danone Dairy & Danone Waters (Evian/Volvic/Bonafont)

“While I was the CEO of Kraft China, I used the yourstaffknow approach to do annual and bi-annual diagnoses of the business. It helped us to continually refine our focus and achieve growth in turnover of $150M to $1B between 2008 and 2012. I went on to use this enhanced awareness to good effect in my subsequent role as the President of Kraft/Mondelez Biscuits USA and Canada.”

Lorna Davis

Former CEO, Kraft China

“We increased our profitability and grew the business in 2014 and 2015. [YourStaffKnow] made a significant contribution to achieving those results.”

Marina Menu

General Manager of Danone Mexico

“We started with you when ranked 12th in Europe, a position we had been stuck in for several years. Within a year of working with you, we jumped to 7th and have subsequently moved to 6th place (Extel Survey).”

Jeremy Allen

Head of Research, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Commerzbank