How we do it

Our AI listens to staff and gives CEOs the answers


AI scan gathers the exact words of staff and extracts the key messages


The AI clusters the most important and the most frequently mentioned themes


A classification filter is applied that interprets the data and identifies key action areas


Clear charts and a written report are provided that communicates the crucial areas for action that bring greater effectiveness, growth and aligned employees


The AI scan generates detailed charts with recommended actions that will yield rapid and sustainable results


Who we are

University of Oxford

Oxford AI team

Rai use a specialist Oxford University AI team. Born out of the Oxford Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, our team specialise in creating bespoke neural network solutions to resolve complex natural language analysis problems. With cutting edge technical skills, integration within the Oxford AI ecosystem, and a combined decade of experience in natural language processing, our team have developed a software package that reliably leads to revenue, at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional management consultancy.

T C Kelly

T C Kelly

Tom was featured by The Conference Board for excellence in executive development. He is the Managing Partner of Kelly Associates. Recent and existing clients include the Chairman and board of Groupe Danone, the global heads of Danone Waters (Evian/Volvic/Bonafont) and Danone Dairy, WhiteWave Foods (Alpro) & Dannon USA, Lactalis & Stonyfield USA, the head of Kraft Biscuits China, USA & Canada, the CEO’s and senior partners of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Clifford Chance Eastern Europe, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Presidents of AXA Investment and Levi Strauss & Co. Europe, the MD’s of Saatchi and Saatchi, Selfridges, National Australia Bank Europe and Commerz Banks, members of the board of WHSmith, senior executives at Shell, senior diplomats at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Chairman of Unilever Russia, British Petroleum’s Head of Global Learning, the Director of Executive Development at Lloyds TSB, the Director of Learning at NatWest Bank, a BBC Trustee, the Permanent Secretary heading the UK’s Department of Employment and Learning and the Chairman of Jubilee 2000.

Transforming the effectiveness of individuals, teams, departments and whole organizations is his primary focus. He was a co-founder and Director of Sheppard Moscow Ltd, a leading consultancy in Organization and Leadership Development. He guest lectured in the departments of clinical psychology at Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Gothenburg University, Sweden whilst training professionals in personal and group development.

Trevor Foux

Trevor Foux

Trevor is a specialist in talent management and organizational change. With extensive experience collaborating with senior management and board-level executives, Trevor is dedicated to enhancing performance and achieving sustainable results.

Trevor brings a diverse background in organizational and management development, executive coaching, and marketing. Having worked with blue-chip clients and multicultural teams across various sectors, he possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations in today's dynamic business landscape.

Trevor's coaching expertise extends to senior managers and executive directors, helping them enhance effectiveness, leadership capabilities, and navigate critical leadership transitions. With a wealth of industry experience spanning oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, chemicals, government, insurance, media, and entertainment, Trevor has successfully worked with diverse teams facing complex cross-cultural challenges.

Trevor Foux's specialties lie in organizational development (OD) consulting, management development consulting, management training, executive coaching, and team coaching. His impressive client portfolio includes Presidents, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Marketing Directors, consulting firm partners, as well as senior HR, healthcare, and operations executives. With Trevor's expertise and dedication, organizations can navigate change, drive growth, and unleash their full potential. He's bringing that expertise and dedication to Rai, spearheading Rai's marketing strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rai helps organisations exceed their targets, while making employees feel more effective and aligned.
It works for two reasons. Firstly, employees rarely have opportunities to be completely honest and easily get swept away in the daily grind. Fearing for career advancement or job loss, they are also often afraid to be transparently open about their views. The ‘truth telling’ that rai enables frees people to identify the problems and potential for growth. The leaders get very honest feedback about what is and is not working as well as a holistic view of the business from those most closely involved. The second reason is that our proprietary model has a thirty-year track record of identifying key issues and addressing them through clear recommendations that grow the business and employee engagement.
Employees answer our confidential interview questions and the route to success, typically blurred by daily concerns, becomes clearer. Our questions combined with those chosen by their organisation plus the certainty of confidentiality help people express ideas, feelings and aspirations. When the truth is appropriately told, our proven business development model addresses what most needs attention with simple actions. 
The process begins by gathering the views of the CEO or the Board on the present condition and desired future of the company. The goals for the intervention typically include achieving or exceeding business targets along with improving the quality of employee effectiveness and engagement across all levels.

Rai enables staff to express their views and clusters the most important and frequently mentioned messages automatically. These interviews are analysed by our proprietary AI and our trained associates. We then use non-attributable quotes from these interviews as examples to highlight the key issues. The analysis helps leaders ‘see the whole business’ with recommendations that further growth and employee satisfaction.
Our unique approach, mixing cutting edge technology with experienced associates, ensures that you receive the advantages in cost, time, and breadth of analysis that only automation can bring, with the confidence in quality control and depth of analysis that experienced professionals guarantee.
Our proprietary AI is capable of analyzing thousands of interviews, quickly extracting the relevant information and discovering the key categories that require greater focus. The AI is a custom-built cluster of interacting neural networks – trained on the insights accumulated through our thirty years of experience in this field, and built around our proven model of business analysis: a model that has reliably led to significant growth in companies where our services have been employed.

Our AI allows us to analyze the confidential views of any number of staff – providing you with an overview of the whole company and ensuring staff feel listened to. It allows us to quickly convert this huge amount of qualitative data into easy to interpret quantitative data that gives you a clear measure of the health of your company.
Like Chat GPT, Rai is a cutting edge natural language AI into which people can input everyday spoken English - they can say pretty much whatever they'd like and the AI will understand it. Unlike Chat GPT - it's completely secure - none of the data is sent up to the big software companies, and none of it gets reincorporated into the model. So you'll never come across your sensitive staff data being regurgitated by the model when it's answering other people's questions - as you might with Chat GPT.

Further unlike Chat GPT our model isn't a general purpose chat machine - it's been trained on a very specific dataset (over 30 years of crafted consultancy data) to do one very specific job - increase effectiveness, engagement, and growth in companies.
Rai combines a highly experienced team of business consultants and executive coaches with a cutting-edge proprietary AI. Together they have an impressive track record of helping businesses attain higher performance and employee satisfaction. 
The organisation receives a concise, actionable report. Illustrated with hard quantitave data, and providing advice in the words of staff themselves.

In organisations we've worked with before, this has helped them with sticky problems, and led to significant increases in revenue.
it works - see testimonials.
Although the product can be used to provide a one off diagnosis, and delivers results from the first use, most use it as a regular intervention over a number of years that keeps them on track. 

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